Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards plays a mean trumpet and is one third (along with Gavin and Tom) of what Paolo calls ‘The Horns of Thunder.’

Donny Little

Quite possibly my favorite Viper, Donny Little, is Paolo’s guitarist, and contributes vocals as well.  I can’t get all technical with terms or anything, but I do know that when he plays I’m mesmerized.  I actually look like one of those bobble head dolls, going back and forth between him and …

Dave Nelson

Dave plays acoustic guitar (as well as vocals, percussion and keys) for Paolo.  He always seems so into the music and does this hoppy little sort of dance that I find wildly amusing.  And  I love the hand clapping during Funky Cigarette.

Gavin Fitzjohn

Gavin’s amazing and multi-talented – he plays trumpet, saxophone, and keys.  He does arrangements as well, and backing vocals.  It’s so fun to watch Gavin play, he’s obviously having a good time.  We think he’s pretty awesome. You can check out his website here.

Janet Ramus

If you’ve heard Janet’s voice, there’s really not much else that needs to be said. It’s so very beautiful, the control she has and the sounds she produces – simply ethereal. Photos by Livion @

John Tilley

Tilley first played for Paolo in 2010, and started touring with him until 2012.  He plays keys and he’s phenomenally talented.  Definitely a great addition!

Michael McDaid

Mick is Paolo’s bass player.  He’s the ultimate bass player, sings awesome back up and sometimes wears a smile that makes him look like he’s up to something.