A Question for You…

So a couple days ago, I was driving into work listening to Caustic Love, and One Day came on. (I find listening to Paolo helps with the road rage that inevitably threatens to consume me at some point during the 45-minute commute).

This is certainly a great song, one of Paolo’s best, but it’s not my personal favorite. It does, however, contain my favorite section of a Paolo song, and I’m not necessarily talking about the lyrics, either, but here they are:

And run-a-ways and promises captured in a kiss
We hide and we seek what we squander
That there’s more, something more than this.

The part I love starts at about 3:40. I’ve included the acoustic version, as well, in case you don’t like watching the part in the original video where it gets a bit stabby.

You might be thinking, that’s stupid; it’s not her favorite song, or her favorite lyrics, how can it be her favorite part? Well, for starters, I never claimed to be perfectly sensible where Mr. Nutini’s concerned, and secondly, there’s just something about that part of the song that gives me goosebumps and makes me feel like I’ve downed an espresso all in one. His voice here, and the way he pushes it, it’s fabulous. I absolutely love it.

So, my question for you, dear reader, is this: What does the same for you? I’m dying to know.

Tell us what you think!