Paoloversary… It’s my 6th!

Once again, it’s that time of year when I take a moment to reflect on the momentous day (August 12, 2008) when my dear friend, Sharlene, stumbled upon Paolo in an internet search and shared her find with me.

So what’s happened this last year in this fan’s Paolo world, you ask?

Well, there was the continued wait for the new album – it really tested my patience, but then when the album was released there was no surprise to anyone (least of all me) that it was more than worth the wait.  When I heard Scream for the first time, I literally did just that.  When I was actually able to hold the physical CD in my hands, I squealed.  Let’s just sum up by saying there was much rejoicing. ;)


The highlight of my year so far has been attending Paolo’s first U.S. show since 2009 with Mary Anna and some of our other good friends.

new york

Paolo @ NYC Webster Hall, Image by Mike Pont for Getty

It was absolutely epic – I just don’t possess the words to describe how absolutely terrific and mind blowing it was.  It seems that our Paolo’s become even more of an entertainer in his break from touring; he’s really come into his own.  (You can see our post about it HERE).

I also took the opportunity this year to turn my home office into a sort of Paolo shrine if you will (for lack of a better/less ‘I’m an obsessive fan’ name).

photo 4

photo 3

photo 1

Of course this was also the year I was actually labeled ‘Obsessed’ by Normal Silvester in a piece he did on Mary Anna and me for the Scottish Sunday Mail.  As I said to some friends, I suppose there are worse things to be called than ‘besotted’ or ‘obsessed’ – especially when in conjunction with Paolo Nutini.  And hey, it’s the absolute truth, so…



We obviously didn’t fly 5,000 to eat at the Nutini’s chippy, but well, saying we were visiting our friends Paula and Jacqueline in Scotland after Paolo’s London shows probably wouldn’t sound as exciting (to some).

Anyway, here’s to yet another amazing year of being a Paolo fan!

Paolo Nutini Charms Fans at the Troubadour with a Euphoric Performance

Paolo Nutini packed The Troubadour for a mesmerizing performance that left fans in complete awe. Touring in support of his Caustic Love double album, from the moment the Nutini hit the stage fan-girls were smiling from ear-to-ear. Although most of the audience knew just about every song word-for-word, there were at least a few people that had never heard Nutini before and regardless, they fell absolutely in love with his performance.

Click HERE for more photos!

Live from the Troubadour

We didn’t make it to West Hollywood to see Paolo at the Troubadour on Friday night, but we are happy that our friend Kelly did! She said it was fabulous!

Here she is looking beautiful in Hollywood!

And here she is with sweet Paolo!

Kelly took some great photos and said we could share them here.


She also shared the set list and this amazing video! Enjoy!

Thanks, Kelly!!!

Paolo Nutini Releases Powerful Music Video for New Single, “Iron Sky”


Source: STATIC

Scottish singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini has a new single and music video out today for his song “Iron Sky.” It is the third single off his latest studio album, Caustic Love, which was released on April 14 of this year. The album is his first album since Sunny Side Up, which debuted at #1 on the UK albums charts in 2009. Caustic Love has received very good reviews, and “Iron Sky” has also received great reviews. The 6-minute song includes an audio clip of Charlie Chaplin’s speech from his 1940 film, The Great Dictator, which may be not only an important part of the song, but also a clue to how the song was named. The 2012 Finnish film, which is also titled “Iron Sky,” is about a colony of Nazis living on the moon, who are educated with a highly revised version of The Great Dictator.

The video was directed by Daniel Wolfe and filmed in war-torn Ukraine; Wolfe also directed Duffy’s video for “Mercy” in 2007. The music video is nearly 9 minutes in length and on YouTube is listed as “Iron Sky [Short Film]” instead of as a music video. It features nearly 2 minutes of silent footage of many citizens of Ukraine.

The video also features many people doing drugs, which contributes to the theme of the song, which is how terrible the world is, but we can rise above it. However, it also brings to mind Nutini’s comments from June of this year about drugs, in which he defended marijuana use. In an interview with Q magazine, he said that he has smoked marijuana every day since he was 16 (he is now 27). It is also quite possible that the heavy drug use in the video is also Nutini’s of protesting those who strongly oppose drug use.

“Iron Sky” can be found on iTunes and Spotify, and check out Paolo Nutini’s Caustic Love, which can also be found on iTunes and Spotify.

IRON SKY video coming our way!

Seriously, it seems this is a great week to be a Paolo fan!  Check this out this article from

Daniel Wolfe’s first music video for over two years is about to be released – a gripping eight minute film for Paolo Nutini’s Iron Sky.

Since directing his acclaimed video for The Shoes’ Time To Dance – in which Jake Gyllenhaall portrays a serial killer slaughtering funseekers in East London – Wolfe has gone on to direct his first feature, Catch Me Daddy, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year to excellent reviews, and will be released later this year.

Now he has returned to music videos – where he made his name with his promos for Plan B and others – with a film for Iron Sky from Paolo Nutini’s platinum-selling album Caustic Love, depicting a grimly realistic dystopian futureworld full of brutalist concrete buildings, with a people oppressed by an authoritarian power, and where resistance brings brain-splitting agony.

“I was sent the track with no explanation from Paolo,” says Daniel, on how the project began. “As a child I stared at the planet Jupiter and had a vivid hallucinatory experience. A feeling of abject terror. In bondage to an omnipotent machine. When I heard the Chaplin quote (from the song) I remembered this clearly. So the video became a dystopian vision of the future as imagined by a child in the 80’s.”

The video will be launching later this week at Paolo Nutini’s official website and his YouTube channel.



And it’s official!

The U.S. release date for Paolo’s third studio album


is …

September 16, 2014


And we couldn’t be MORE excited!  I really think this might deserve another countdown!

While maybe not quite as thrilling as the original UK release date as we’ve already heard the songs now, this will give the American fans a chance to buy another copy and one to share with a friend!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve already got my list of friends and family who I’ll be gifting with Paolo’s newest album.

Speaking of which, here are some pre-order links.  Happy clicking!

Pre-Order on iTunes: 
Pre-Order on Amazon:

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