A Special Performance of “Iron Sky”

Paolo performed at Reggies in Chicago on December 4, 2014. This performance of his award winning “Iron Sky” is simply beautiful. The music, the emotion, and the amazing harmonies with Michael McDaid were captured by our dear friend and videographer Angela. Enjoy!

Here is Angela with Paolo after the show.

PaoloChicago4Dec2014 (3) (1)

Can you spot the difference in these photos???

PaoloChicago4Dec2014 (1)

PaoloChicago4Dec2014 (5)

PaoloChicago4Dec2014 (4)

Thanks for the laugh, Paolo!

And, thanks to Lauren Banning and Gigi Kang for the photos!

Paolo Nutini thrills a packed Turf Club with an intimate show

by Barb Abney · - The Current

Photos by Nate Ryan/MPR

When we started playing Paolo Nutini I thought “Wow, where did this guy come from? He’s got some talent—is he a new artist?” Turns out he’s been releasing records for years and has a huge following already for someone in his mid-20s. We were very pleased and lucky to host an intimate, private performance from Paolo and his band at the very tail end of his North American tour.

Upon seeing his performance on stage at the Turf Club Friday night, I am now a Paolo-vangelist! What a crooner! There were as many conversations about how dreamy the artist is, as there were people singing along word-for-word. A few people mentioned being introduced to Paolo’s music at his performance at the Minnesota Zoo a few years ago. It’s been noted that he often sings with his eyes closed, which made the performance that much more intimate, like a kiss.

Nutini and his band played to a packed room, making some fun banter while sharing a tray or two of shots. As I approached the stage to make a thank-you announcement, there were still a couple of tunes to be played. An audience member asked if I knew what was coming at the end of the tune the band were playing. I was not—but I was pleasantly surprised as Nutini’s soulful vocals became scream-like pleas. It was like he opened his heart up, right in front of our eyes.

After that tune finished there was another tray of shots passed around and Paolo’s band left the stage as he asked “You want one more?” And the answer was of course, a resounding “yes!” He said he was thrilled to wrap up his North American shows with that stop in the Twin Cities. Now he’s headed back home to Scotland to rest up after an intense tour behind his album Caustic Love.

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Just in time for Christmas!

In case you need a gift for a fellow Paolo fan (or yourself!)  you can buy Paolo’s merchandise from his most recent tour HERE!   There are some really great things here, you’ll definitely want to check them out – t-shirts, posters, tour book, bags, etc.




Dear Santa,

I’ll take one of everything, please.  I’ve been an angel reasonably good this year.  I even promise to share with Mary Anna.

Hopefully yours,

Celeste xo

Paolo visits Milwaukee

From Radio Milkwaukee


12/2/14 — Scottish singer/songwritter Paolo Nutini came by our studios for a very special performance and interview. (He and his band also are digging our Radio Milwaukee wool hats!) It was our last Studio:Milwaukee for 2014!!!

Listen to the session here:

Nutini released his most recent album, Caustic Love, in April of this year, featuring the singles “Scream (Funk My Life Up)” and “Let Me Down Easy.” Radio Milwaukee is playing both. You might have heard him first back in the mid-2000s with his single “New Shoes.” That song was on the album These Streets, which sold more than 2 million copies in Europe. (That’s double platinum, btw.) In April, the BBC called Nutini “arguably Scotland’s biggest musician right now.”

See the gallery of photos from today (by Radio Milkwaukee/88nine) HERE.